Tayto Park (highs and lows)

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Tayto Park has been a great addition to Ireland and has grown so much since it first opened.

Because our children are still quite young we spend a lot of time in the kids area and playgrounds. There is so much to see and do in Tayto Park now that as much as I like the park I think they really need to figure out how they will create value for customers going forward.

You buy your wristband allowing you access to everything, including shows (bird show and circus) but the queues can be so long for some of the rides and the changeovers are painfully slow. Slower than I have seen in Disney etc. As you'll know, theme parks in other countries are open after dark giving you much more time to enjoy the rides. Opening times at Tayto are c. 10-5 with queues for some of the rides (flight school, viking splash) up to 2 hours. Queues for the climbing wall and tree top trail and some of the small rides like ladybird loop, windstar, and the driving school were up to an hour each.

The last time we visited, we got to do so little it felt a bit pointless.

It is a brilliant park, with much more to see and more rides than you would expect but it's not much good if you only get to do a few.

Go on a weekday... (easier said than done for us working parents I know!)

The kids absolutely love it but were quite disappointed last time that they saw no show/circus and less than half the rides they wanted to go on. It's still worth a day trip and the food is reasonably priced. They need to work on Queues and turnaround times. All the main rides are very short too.




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