Swim Kids... New Swim School!

Exciting news about a new Swim school for babies and toddlers opening Summer 2021

The school will be based in 5 pools (warm pools) in D8, D2, D4 and south county Dublin.

This is quite some time away but if you are pregnant or have a young baby, message us to get on the list for updates @kidstravelandfun on insta or FB

Your kids confidence in the water will make your holidays all the more enjoyable! So get ready for the return to travel :)

We will send out some tips to prepare babies for swim school to those on the list over the coming year.

This Swim School will be led by teachers who swam competitively and have a real sense of being at one with the water. That love for swimming and comfort in the water will put you little ones at ease.

My two absolutely love the water but it's important lessons are kept fun so kids stay engaged.