Le Pin Parasol (France)

Updated: Oct 13, 2019

Mobile homes are my husbands least favourite holiday but the kids and I love it! the vans nowadays can be quite fancy! Dishwashers, sheet service, nice verandas, etc are all easily available. You are guaranteed to be surrounded by other Irish families so the kids have their pick of play mates. Kids clubs tend to run twice a day at most sites from June to Sept catering for all ages.

On site there is always a cafe/take away/Bar to cut back on meal prep and there are some fabulous pool complexes to be discovered.

My advice is to go for 5 star campsites and you won't be disappointed (unless you are my husband.. he just doesn't get it).

Getting there

We have travelled to France by boat numerous times and you can choose to stay up north for a very short drive at the far side (Brittany/Normandy), travel inwards towards the Loire valley, or head south to areas like St Gilles, St Jean du mont etc.

Le Pin Parasol is a really impressive camp site. They have a new spa on site which is the best we have seen on any of these type holidays. There is a lovely lake nearby where you can cycle the full perimeter as a family (on the bikes you brought with you because you took the car on the boat..). I'm a bit obsessed with the value in bringing your own bikes. We have stayed places where adult bikes are 60e a day each (switz/Austria). At Center parks we paid hundreds extra for bikes because we didn't bring our own. The boat can be expensive but I would always say detract the value of all the things you can bring with you that you couldn't otherwise.

Anyway.... back on track, Le Pin Parasol has multiple playgrounds on site, a bouncy castle, take away, restaurant, fantastic pool complex with indoor and outdoor facilities. There is a lovely pool for toddlers with slides, mushrooms, water sprayers etc and a pool for older kids with more exciting slides. Temperatures in the pools were kept warm enough to enjoy even on cloudy days.

There are lots of nice beaches around this region of France and because you have your car you can head off on day trips. There are loads of activities in the area to keep everyone entertained; tree top rope courses, water parks, quad biking, go karting, bowling etc.

If you do make it to the nearby lake which you can walk to there is a lovely very rustic authentic looking french restaurant where you can have crepes and ice creams and a full dinner menu in the evenings. With lots of space for the kids to play after dinner and a zip wire you might even get half an hours peace to enjoy the wine..

For advice on which holiday company to rent your mobile home from and who to avoid, how to save money on boat transfers and van rentals and which parks are best suited to your kids, send me a message!

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