the RAIN!!

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

So... you look forward to holidays, imagine the warmth of the sun taking all your worries away. Envisage your kids splashing in the pool in glorious sunshine. Then you get there and it's cloudy and rainy. It's harder work keeping the kids entertained than if you were at home!

So how does Gran Castillo Tagoro hold up for families in bad weather... (and the weather does appear to be getting more "changeable" in Lanzarote in recent years so it might be time to consider what hotel can cover all angles!) So lets start with the gloomy pics...

Rainy day options are the indoor pool (very small and slots need to be booked and paid for unless you are booked for all inclusive plus). Kids club twice a day which was really packed in bad weather (of course) but still a good sized space and beats sitting in the room! There is a games room down by the pool at baby club where there is air hockey and slot machines and a table tennis table. There are also air hockey and pool tables where the Chinese restaurant used to be. The 5D cinema is €3 a go but movies only last 3 to 5 mins so it's not going to fill a rainy day! I think the hotel should look at playing movies for the kids on rainy days somewhere inside the hotel.

When the weathers poor you really have to make the most of every decent patch of blue/grey which almost becomes stressful. You will get away with this hotel with really small kids in the rain but I'd imagine older children would be really bored and drive you absolutely demented!

We did our best but it was really too cold for the pool, which is the main activity you're relying on for the kids to have a good time.

The restaurant has been renovated and has been done really nicely. The Chinese has closed down and the Italian is the same as always. There are multiple adult only areas now too and it definitely feels like the hotel is making an effort to appeal more to that market as well. Little changes like the mascot Tagorin (formerly Dan Dream) no longer comes in to the restaurant or appears around the pool etc.

This trip was then topped off by a delay on the way home so we landed about 1:30am... they decided not to sleep on the flight ;)

You win some you lose some!



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