Glendalough! Beauty of Nature

I had forgotten how beautiful this place is. Even in the cold today at 5 degrees it felt cozy walking around amongst all the trees with their golden brown and warm coloured leaves. Little legs did well fuelled by pockets full of their never ending stash from Halloween :)

I did my best to explain scientifically the reflection of the trees in the lake water... just hope they don't repeat it in school..

There are walks on the flat here and even a buggy friendly boardwalk. Lots of benches dotted around too for when you just want to take it all in. Obviously, I didn't get that opportunity.

After the boardwalk, We visited the upper lake and then took a lovely trail uphill alongside a gushing waterfall.

Near the top lake there is a second carpark and toilets and always a chip and ice cream van (at weekends)

With kids this size, there are a lot of firsts! Today's first was skimming stones :) It hopped!!!!