Disney on Ice (worth the price?)

So a few people have asked me if I’ve ever brought the kids to this. (These are followers in the uk) I’m not sure there is one planned for Ireland this winter.

We went last year and I’d say 6 is the upper age limit for this show! My son asked me why the man in the flounder costume didn’t try to hide his legs and feet better to look more like a real fish.

I remember going to Disney on Ice as a child and thought it was amazing but we were in a much less technical, special effects, digital era. Today’s kids are not easily impressed!

Whatever you spend on tickets be prepared to spend quite a bit more at the venue. The interval is just a sales opportunity with stalls set out selling all types of plastic flashy must haves. These are, of course, over priced.

I think this one comes down to your individual child. My kids were disappointed that the characters didn’t actually sing or talk them selves and it was just recordings and the characters weren't real, just people dressed up... The only one they thought may have been real was Olaf... They have been to quite a few large musical productions though (like matilda, the lion king etc so they may have had high expectations for live singing and set changes)

If you can get tickets at a good price it's a nice show to bring them to but if your budget for entertainment is limited then maybe give this one a miss...(I think we paid about €170 for 4 tickets and it definitely wasn't great value for money)