Airfield this Christmas

Updated: Jan 19, 2020

North Pole Carousel and a new Ski School added to the fun this year! I love Airfield and it's a really special place to have in a busy suburban setting where you can literally go and escape from it all. Kids can run around with some level of freedom and parents can take in a relatively relaxing coffee. So what's it like there this Christmas?

The clock is ticking, Santa's getting ready and kids everywhere are getting more wound up by the second!!!

My two loved the little snow ball area which was new this year

At Airfields Christmas experience, children are given a passport to get stamped at each attraction along the way. There is letter writing, the visit, the carousel etc.

As always, you can then go for a nice walk to visit the animals around the farm and the playground where you'll find a zipwire, slide, tyre swing, climbing frames, sea saw and more.